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WOOSUNG came by to talk about his new EP MOTH, an update on The Rose, creating his own company, moving to Korea and more!All interviews can be heard first on. Groups Debut Dates Later in 2016, the trio recruited their final member, Woosung, and signed as a band with four members under J&Star Company, where they debuted with the single "Sorry.". I try to update profiles when I can, but sometimes it's hard to keep up due to house work and personal things in my life. Blood Type: A (vLive) Woosung walks naked around the house. At times the dance between them is sexy; at one point, the backup dancers surround Woosung and touch him seductively. (Pops in Seoul) On April 15, he started his own tour in Europe, the USA, and Canada, "Moth EP Showcase", which will end on May 26 in Seoul, for a special appearance with the presence of the members of The Rose for the first time in several years. I think thats what I want them to get out of this., He often defines himself as Lazy, the title of his latest single, although his extensive career defies that throughout a decade, he participated in two competition shows, released music both as part of The Rose and as a soloist, toured the world, and was an MC for Korean talk show After School Club. 2. Currently, all 3 members born in Korea are enlisted; 3/4 members of The Rose are in the military. HOT. [3], Kim's pre-release single "Lonely" came out on July 19, 2019. See more about his label here. Woosug appeared in the music video of "Hate You" by Ladies' Code. TikTok: @official.therose Height: 173 cm (58) Just mainly creating something that, when the members of The Rose come out of the army, is a safer spot that they can come back to, rather than having to start from the beginning, he says. Kpop Albums Info It is clear that with these choices in appearance, Woosung is taking this opportunity to distinguish himself as a solo artist from who he is as part of The Rose. Thats the fun part, the moments where memories are created.. If you know how everything is going to happen, theres no point in living. Although The Rose did not get to release many songs, their music showed strong pop-rock influences. Keep on reading to know if your . Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Electric Guitar. November 22, 2019. The band debuted under J&Star Company on August 3, 2017 with their single ' Sorry '. Current Kpop Pre-Debut Groups Moth EP Showcase Tour (2022) After School Club (2019 . He loves the Disney movie The Lion King. I wanna be red. He shares the story of how he got here in an eight-episode series out Sept. 14 on Mindset, an audio platform established by brothers and DIVE Studios co-founders Brian, Eric, and Eddie Nam. He was an English tutor when he first arrived in Korea. I always say its funny because if you look at me now, come on, I wouldnt have been able to play football, he laughs. For Reddys and Ashleys features [on Lazy and Oh, respectively] I already had the whole song finished except for the parts I felt like they would fit best. He prefers pizza over burgers. Dojoons ideal types are Han Ji-min and Moon Chae-won. What else is coming for you? Hal ini mereka ungkapkan melalui laman Twitter resmi beberapa waktu lalu. English Name: Dylan See all 51 Events. Show more Dojoon fun facts, Hajoon Nama lengkap: Kim Woosung Nama lain: Woosung dan Sammy Tanggal lahir: 25 Februari 1993 Tinggi badan: 173 cm Golongan darah: A Zodiak: Pisces Fakta unik: Profil dan biodata The Rose wajib dimulai dengan sang leader, Woosung.Tak hanya memiliki bakat bermain gitar yang luar biasa, ternyata Woosung berbakat dalam beatbox dan menirukan suara gagak.Makin pusing kan sama gitaris satu ini? Ad Choices, I dont want one thing to describe who I am, to be the sole purpose of my life., Dawn Says He and HyunA Were Lights for Each Other. Kim Woosung, a Korean-American soloist and lead singer-electric guitarist of quartet band The Rose, is hence a welcome anomaly in the music world.The 28-year-old singer has honed his innate skills over a musical career spanning nearly 4 years, where he has gained immense support from Black . He watches the movie Sing Street with his members every first day of the month Yuk, kita simak beberapa fakta mengenai band The Rose! Moths are nocturnal and tend to be attracted to light. The first time is always the hardest but I feel like now I am used to it. He has lived in New Zealand (Idol League). Dojoon lived in New Zealand for 5 years Stray Kids World Tour 2022 - Here's First Set of Cities, Dates for 'MANIAC', iKON Announces 2022 Seoul Concert - Details on Dates, Ticketing, More. Stage Name:Dojoon () See all 76 Events. If he could have any super power, he would like to be like Dr. When reading about the animal, he felt a strong connection to how they are wrongly perceived on the outside, as opposed to their true loyal, social nature. I always wanted to be a little older than I was, he explains. Not long later, on August 3, 2020, the remaining 3 members of The Rose announced "The Rose Sound" as a gift for Black Roses, through which they released the song "Black Rose" on August 24, 2020. Keep on reading to know if your city is included in the list. Zodiac Sign:Scorpio (Pops in Seoul) Jeff Benjamin: What was the most unexpected part in running an independent company? JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Vokalis band The Rose, Woosung kembali merilis singel solo terbaru berjudul "Lazy". He made his solo debut on July 25, 2019 with his first mini album Wolf. He played the drums since young and he is drum major since college. 1.1K 85 10. Prior to its debut with J&Star, the band had long been a popular indie group before making its official mainstream release . Do you know more facts about him? Im really fluttered when someone stares at me and gets along with me. (Makestar The Roses #TheRomance) On February 28, 2020 The Rose reportedly filed a lawsuit against J&Star Company to terminate their exclusive contract, due to mismanagement. Woosung isnt afraid of the unknown. It was a surprise and it came too fast, he says, defining his relationship with music as a love/hate one. -Cats or dogs Hmmm I prefer cats (Instagram Live on 2 June) 2, Kep1er Find Their Footing But Lack Cohesiveness in Giddy, Jisoos Flower Withers From A Lack Of Substance. Why was I in this company, wasting my time away? My name is Kylie, but you can call me Kye for short if that's easier (I was formerly known as suga.topia). Thanks a lot! He loves the Disney movie The Lion King. (Pops in Seoul) I really love their music, and the RED mini album (I don't know if it can even be considered as one) made me want even more music of that style from them.. Archived post. In addition, ticket sales to snag a spot at the showcases began back on April 7 at 10am local time for North America through Live Nation. Woosung: Thank you, thank you. What's in the title. He is the leader, main vocalist, and guitarist for the boy band The Rose. He made his solo debut on July 25, 2019 with his first mini album Wolf. I dont think Im ready. The Rose started as Windfall, an indie band that Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong formed in 2015. Kim Woo Sung, also known by the English name Sammy, is a Korean-American musician, singer, songwriter, rapper, and composer, best known as a vocalist and electric guitarist of South Korean band The Rose. Its a name to show music that coexisted with the beauty of flowers and the sharpness of thorns Woosung, The RoseFandom Name:Black Rose Woosung played American football since junior high school in the U.S., but after he entered high school, he dislocated his shoulder. Like most rock bands throughout history, the boys of The Rose have an affinity for black eyeliner. Ed Sheeran. Woosung takes his MV a step further with the incorporation of the concept of metamorphosis. All Rights Reserved. Its the birthday of his mom in roman numerals. Listen to Woosung's series on the Mindset app, available for iOS and Android. He watches the movie Sing Street with his members every first day of the month. Kpop Discographies Has solo work out! Woosung has a brother younger by 13 years He made his solo debut on July 25th, 2019 with his mini album 'Wolf'. His biological parents divorced when he was 2 years old. He appeared int the drama Entertainer and the MV for Eddy Kims Coffee & Tea with Jaehyeong and Dojoon Change Photo Log Report Last Update: 1 year ago. (officiallykmusic interviews) His first extended play Wolf was released the following week on July 25, along with the single "Face". Is it as friends? Hajoon loves SNSD Taeyeons music and wants to collaborate with her. "I don't want one thing to describe who I am, to be the sole purpose of my life.". Why are they called The Rose? Dojoons flower is the Red rose (=Passion and Entusiastic) If he could have any super power, he would like to teleport. Note: all songs released by The Rose are written and composed by the band, and are thus credited as such. The single is part of his second EP as a solo artist, Moth. Jo Jung Suk was granted an exemption from military service because, due to the passing of his father, he became the sole provider for his mother. Jeff Benjamin: What else does someone need to know about being independent in this space? The EP peaked at number 19 on the Gaon Album Chart. His first memory was seeing his parents shout at each other as he was playing with his toys when he was younger. 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Leader, Lead Vocalist, (Electric) Guitarist, Main Vocalist, Keyboardist, (Acoustic) Guitarist, Kpop idols with the most YouTube subscribers, Kpop idols with the most Twitter followers, Kpop idols with the most Spotify followers. Stream Woosung - The Rose - ILYSB by 01v.z on desktop and mobile. Born on February 25, 1993, Kim Woosung, also known as . I feel like the older you get, the more things you are capable of, and you have knowledge that could make you survive a little bit easier in life. Woosung has a tattoo on his arm. Instagram:@iwoosung, Woosung Facts: If he could be like any super hero, he would like to be like iron man. Woosung: Thank you, I guess on the music part I always felt like I had the freedom to do whatever I wantedhowever, I do feel that since music is connected with different kinds of pipelines, that to have freedom in those deliverables, it does really change the experience and the final message of the music. He is fromLos Angeles, California. He is the leader, main vocalist, and guitarist for the boy band The Rose. He added, I sincerely thank every single one of you again for making me possible to embrace our beautiful memories together and cherish every minute and every second with our Black Rose.. English Name: Leo 2. Dengan mengusung genre rap / hip hop, vokal kuat dari rap Agust D dan suara merdu Woosung beserta instrumen epik saling berpadu dan enak didengarkan. He also wears a biker jacket in one scene and a regal coat in another, both adding to his new persona. All of which were written and produced by Woosung and encompasses the theme of moth - such as its transformation, change, rebirth, and power of regeneration. !, Along with his resolve to return as a more mature and dignified man, Dojoon also promised to return with good music despite the inevitable break. . Its something that I cant take out of my life., However, if the forces of life may be that he has to change yet again, Woosung isnt worried. Kpop Ships Jeff Benjamin: When it comes to your collaboratorslike Reddy, BM and Ashley on Genrehow do your conversations happen? There are some explicit lyrics on Genre which I love. Follow the light. One of his talents is the Haka dance Sebelum resmi menjadi band, mereka telah populer sebagai band indie. I didnt tell anybody, to be honest. I kinda liked staying inside and not being surrounded by so many things to do, you know what I mean? he asks. He was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California before moving to Korea to teach English. (with DPOLE, Mellow Kitchen and Kim Hyung-woo), (with Hwang Min-jae, Park Ji-hwan and Kim Ha-jin), Last edited on 26 February 2023, at 15:02, "ASCers! I have a lot of photos of him, but I didnt want to upload them because I always care so much about what I post [on Instagram] and how it looks and everything. The [other] members are in the army and were waiting for them to come out. Ill be okay., That same self-reliant resilience is shown in the way he dealt with the mental and physical toll of being a K-pop trainee. He was on the show K-Pop Star during its 1st season. Thats why I just had to step up myself. Woosung Profile: Woosung Facts Even after resolving the dispute, the members are currently completing their mandatory army enlistment. I don't care. (from their Insta/Facebook Live on 21 August) As of this moment, Woosung has yet to announce the cities and dates for the Asia leg of his "Moth" showcase tour. Do you make the music first and then think about features? In the three years between his 2019 solo album WOLF that was released and promoted in Korea with The Roses label J&STAR Company, Woosung has not only developed a record label to pursue music but a team that includes top names in management, publicity, legal and more. Blood Type: A blink-182. Instagram: @parclassic On May 19, Woosung will be in London, United Kingdom at the O2 Academy Islington, and at the Kantine in Cologne, Germany on May 21. He made his solo debut on July 25th, 2019 with his mini album Wolf. Ticket sales for Europe and the United Kingdom began on April 7 at 10am CEST and 9am BST, respectively. He appeared int the drama Entertainer and the MV for Eddy Kims Coffee & Tea with Hajoon and Jaehyeong Zodiac Sign: Pisces. . His favorite animal is the meerkat This was through his official social media accounts. (Pops in Seoul) How Performing Artists Really Feel About Their Fans Screaming During Concerts, According To The Rose. Woosung is lactose intolerant, he said it during their first English Facebook live. Nowadays, Woosung keeps busy with the things he loves. Ban nhc bao gm 4 thnh vin: Hajoon, Woosung, Dojoon v Jaehyeong. Woosungs role model is his dad. In his Spotify biography, it was said that "Woosung has since established his own independent label[.]" His MBTI is INFJ. 5 K-Pop Idols Who Got Swole During Their Enlistment Period. - He was on the show Kpopstar during its 1st season. Twitter: @TheRose_0803 Boy group ini terdiri dari 4 orang yakni Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon dan Jaehyeong yang berada di bawah agensi J&Star Company. Kim Woo-sung (Korean: , born February 25, 1993, in Wonju, South Korea), also known as Woosung and Sammy, is a Korean-American singer-songwriter and composer, best known as a vocalist and electric guitarist of South Korean band The Rose.He made his solo debut on July 25, 2019, with the extended play Wolf. The Subreddit for fans of the Korean boy band The Rose! He hates spiders (Idol League). He is considered organized but often loses his things. Hi! After Woosungs solo debut, The Rose entered a dispute with their agency the following year and consequently went on hiatus. Woosung (; also known as Sammy) is a Korean-American singer-songwriter, producer and musician under his own independant label, Woolfpack. #therose #woosung #blackrose". On December 29, 2021, after almost 2 years, The Rose finally came back together with 'Beauty and the Beast,' the last song that The Rose would release under J&Star. The Rose () l ban nhc nam Hn Quc thuc cng ty ch qun J&Star Entertainment. While still promoting with the group, Woosung debuted as a solo artist in 2019 with Lazy.. - He has a YouTube channel where he posts covers and his originals : iwoosung. He appeared in the drama Entertainer and the MV for Eddy Kims Coffee & Tea with Dojoon and Hajoon We wish Dojoon all the best during his time in the military. He was even the one who recruited Woosung into the band since he was also a former trainee from DSP Media and a close friend of Woosung. Using the metaphor of a moth, Woosung expresses his own transformation into a K-pop idol. The song and the MV may seem to have completely different concepts, but they converge in some aspects. - He has a younger brother, named AJ and is 13 years younger than Woosung. Woosung: Yes, I do the uploading myself in terms of distribution. You are not alone, and when you feel like everything is going bad, everybody else goes through similar things in life. D-Day is the final album in what could be called Agust D's "youth" trilogy which also consists of Agust D (15 August 2016) and D-2 (22 May 2020). He is friends with DAY6s Jae and K.A.R.Ds Matthew. ENHYPEN Aim To Be K-Pop's Next Global Name: 'We Want Fans & The Public To Think Of Us', The 10 Best New Movies On Netflix In 2023: April Edition, BTSs Suga Vs. Nicki Minaj: The Race For The No. He acted in the webdrama Six Love Story (2018). Three of the four members are currently in military enlistment. Salah satu band asal Korea Selatan yang tidak boleh kita lewatkan adalah The Rose. Birthday:November 3, 1994 Shania Twain. i have tried to remove some og the talking and cheering completely at some place! Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Ia berkolaborasi dengan rapper besutan acara Show Me the Money bernama Reddy dan mengeluarkan singel ini pada 25 Juni 2021.. Woosung menyampaikan lagu ini bercerita tentang rasa malas dan pentingnya memiliki hari-hari tidak produktif untuk memulihkan kembali energi. Instagram: @iwoosung. Hes the doting, self-proclaimed daddy of Woolfy, a pomsky puppy whos currently in the U.S. with his mom. Why was I even practicing? Red Velvet Irene Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is Group's 'Daegu Ulzzang'? 'Most Chill Fandom' Shawols Burst in Anger After SM Did THIS to SHINee, K-Media Reveals Why BLACKPINK Has Slower Comebacks Compared To Other Groups, Viviz SinB, Fellow '98 Liners Accused of Exploiting Moonbin's Death, Faced Criticisms While Mourning, LE SSERAFIM Finally Speaks Out on Plagiarism Controversy. Zodiac Sign:Pisces What Is Your Favorite K-POP Song Containing The Color Black. Because Woosung learned to trust himself so much, he is able to rely on his trusted pack, and hopes others find that same, healthy interdependence. In May 2022, Woosung announced . Reddy)" to be on June 24. In the lyrics, the persona explains that they no longer have feelings for an ex-partner. 1. Kpop Who wore it better? Position:Main Vocalist, Keyboardist, (Acoustic) Guitarist Woosung: I feel like everything is going as expected for now, but I believe we are always okay with the unexpected things coming our way as well. Woosung (; also known as Sammy) is a Korean-American singer and musician under J&Star Company. Album tersebut terdiri dari 10 lagu, salah satunya berjudul 'Snooze'. Written by Robyn Joan. Kpop Albums Info His single Dimples, to be released on September 23, has also been produced under his own label, and is part of his upcoming album, date yet to be announced. Transparent Arts : Stay, up above the clouds. He is focused on building his own company, Woolfpack. Bakat khusus: beatboxing, meniru gagak. - He was on the show Kpopstar during its 1st season. Dojoon played soccer. Woosung Facts: - He is from Los Angeles, California. (from their Insta/Facebook Live on 21 August) Woosung likes the TV series Stranger Things. In a process most of us are familiar with, caterpillars undergo a complete transformation by first wrapping themselves into a cocoon. The Rose () consists of 4 members: Hajoon, Woosung, Dojoon, and Jaehyung. 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