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When I was a girl, my father held a ball. Is it decreed [lit. A monologue from the screenplay by Hubert Selby Jr. & Darren Aronofsky. Jessicas husband was murdered when the couple stopped for gasoline in a black neighborhood. Which gave my mother relief, because it meant that in the bad times, there would be good times. The topic of ghosts and the paranormal quicklycame up in conversation, with Lydia explaining that she had seen ghosts in their house. I always thought things happen for a reason, good and bad theres a design, a plan. Part of the charm ofBeetlejuicewasthe relationship between Adam, Barbara, and Lydia. Tim Burton has been the mastermind behind several popular movies, but among his most famous is the 1988 film Beetlejuice . BEETLE JUICE by Warren Skaaren From an original screenplay by Micheal McDowell based on a story by Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson SECOND DRAFT August 4, 1986 [NOTE: THE ORIGINAL PAPER COPY OF THIS SCRIPT CONTAINED SCENE NUMBERS, WHICH HAVEN'T BEEN RETAINED FOR THIS FILE.] Is this the journey I was meant to be on? But I dont want you to. Im his only living child, so he wanted to make a good match for me. When I wear my penitential robe Ill be dressed like the queen of the fairies underneath. Yea, like some witch,She drugs the cup of wrath, that slays her lord,With double deathhis recompense for me!Ay, tis for me, the prey he bore from Troy,That she hath sworn his death, and edged the steel!Ye wands, ye wreaths that cling around my neck,Ye showed me prophetess yet scorned of allI stamp you into death, or eer I dieDown, to destruction! . I know what youre doing. A monologue from the tv series created by Taylor Sheridan. Its a reason to smile. The fledgling Goth movement in the late '80s and 1990s is rather comical by today's standards, driven largely by melodramatic kids trying to cling to an identity group. Monologues include video examples, analysis and character descriptions. (They sit in silence for a few beats. People like my client, Nathaniel Lahey, and millions of people like him who are relegated to a subclass of human existence in our prisons. from my mother?My courage fails, now know I what to speak,Pouring libations on my fathers tomb.Or shall I pray, as holy wont enjoins,That to the senders of these chaplets, heRequital may accord, ay! And if not, we're adding more every week so if you don't see one you like, keep checking back! This is the best I could come up with, okay? Sir, spare your threats:The bug which you would fright me with I seek.To me can life be no commodity:The crown and comfort of my life, your favour,I do give lost; for I do feel it gone,But know not how it went. A monologue from the play by Emma Goldman-Sherman. I cant even keep you out of my bed. It said: This is the New World and in this world you can be whoever the f*** you want. There is no alternative to justice in this case. I would wear a lot of tasteful make-up too. One of the first times Lydia interacted with Betelgeuse, the characterwas tanning from the lights on a strip club in Adams miniature town. Be then no longer surprised if my troubled soul with impatience awaits their bridal; thou seest that my happiness [lit. A child of the space program. She doesnt wash her hair, and she has on the same outfit shes worn for three days, but she puts on lipstick! I was obviously not faking it and yet no one could find the reason for the pain. And I dont feel sad, either. I thought about having Ser Gregor crush your skull the way he did Oberyns. But I couldn't. Nothing had prepared me. Its terrifying. Elsa Dutton - 1 (S1 - E1) I remember the first time I saw it. I mean, thats what its all about, right? After running his own movie blog called Flaps Film Files on Facebook for over five years, Christopher joined the Screen Rant team in 2018 as a list writer before moving up the ranks. You do whatever you want. You must have felt powerful after you made that choice. There are no consequences there. (Beat). Out here, we swim horseback through rivers. Mom and I would shop together at the places that moms and daughters go a department store, an outlet mall, the flea market. I went to a real estate office. "West Side Story" (1961) Maria (Natalie Wood), sister of a gang leader, falls in love with the leader of a rival gang, resulting in tragedy. Jackson couldnt take it. She was wearing a long burgundy velour three-quarter sleeve zip bathrobe with a thick vertical white stripe down the center, surrounding the zipper. Because I do. Whoa! . How would I know? Whenever I wanted something I could here that voice telling me to stop, to be careful, to live most of my life unlived. I loved you as long ago as the time I asked you to read the stone angels with your fingers. . Even Ser Gregor couldnt stop him. dead Henrys woundsOpen their congeald mouths and bleed afresh!Blush, Blush, thou lump of foul deformity;For tis thy presence that exhales this bloodFrom cold and empty veins, where no blood dwells;Thy deed, inhuman and unnatural,Provokes this deluge most unnatural.O God, which this blood madest, revenge his death!O earth, which this blood drinkst revenge his death!Either heaven with lightning strike themurderer dead,Or earth, gape open wide and eat him quick,As thou dost swallow up this good kings bloodWhich his hell-governd arm hath butchered! A monologue from the play by Winsome Pinnock. He is worthy of me, but he belongs to Chimne; the present which I made of him [to her], injures me. Beetlejuice (1988) As Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder) constructs her suicide note Gaetano Donizetti 's - Regnava nel silenzio plays in the backround. only to keep in sight of your torn red sweater, racing about the vacant lot you played in. Rodrigo, thy valor renders thee worthy of me; but although thou art valiant, thou art not the son of a king. (then, pitiful) Just look what its done to you. A monologue from the screenplay by Chap Taylor & Michael Tolkin. And you let it. How unfamiliar words like collateral and rendition became frightening. out of necessity, we shadowy people take on a strength of our own. Eventually, it becomes you that part of you that gives you a reason to wake up and breathe every day. Dead, dead, deadski. Yes, it had begun that early. We would lunch someplace while shopping. It was on the day of my college graduation. It was a son Michael! Adamsat down next to a gentlemanburnt to a crisp, whooffered him a cigarette. She scratches that out. There is nowhere to chain love to vows and ceremony. Wanna know how? firm, she lost everything when her husband absconded with all her money. But she doesnt listen. Beetlejuice Musical New Work Writers: Anthony King Scott Brown Eddie Perfect Scenes Sorry! I hurt badly! Dont stare too long. This caused the couple to quickly decay once brought into the mortal world, so Lydia agreed to marry Betelgeuse so that hewould save her friends. Rose is an eccentric character, and this monologue is very wistful and serious. C'mon! The little girl-dress suits me better than that old sack. I cant stop laundering your money. But those are not the crimes Im being tried for. At that point I panicked. And I decided on that day that I was Undine Barnes, who bore no relationship to those people. Out of all the scenes in Beetlejuice, the dinner scene featuring the Banana Boat Song ispossibly the most well-known. 1883 . I know! And the fantasy of right and wrong. . The psychoanalysts. Suddenly, you find your whole days blending together to create one endless and suffocating loop. And I wouldnt blame you if you walked away right now. Never! They took Ruth while she was out buying food. My lords, ye look amazed to see your queenWith wreaths and gifts of incense in her hands.I had a mind to visit the high shrines,For Oedipus is overwrought, alarmedWith terrors manifold. Mary, every day really is a new day. It never was. Did you hear that? Your father made you believe otherwise. Heaven witness,I have been to you a true and humble wife,At all times to your will conformable;Ever in fear to kindle your dislike,Yea, subject to your countenance, glad or sorryAs I saw it inclined: when was the hourI ever contradicted your desire,Or made it not mine too? I realized as a woman how lucky I was. O yet, for Gods sake, go not to these wars!The time was, father, that you broke your word,When you were more endeared to it than now;When your own Percy, when my hearts dear Harry,Threw many a northward look to see his fatherBring up his powers; but he did long in vain.Who then persuaded you to stay at home?There were two honours lost, yours and your sons.For yours, the God of heaven brighten it!For his, it stuck upon him as the sunIn the grey vault of heaven, and by his lightDid all the chivalry of England moveTo do brave acts: he was indeed the glassWherein the noble youth did dress themselves:He had no legs that practised not his gait;And speaking thick, which nature made his blemish,Became the accents of the valiant;For those that could speak low and tardilyWould turn their own perfection to abuse,To seem like him: so that in speech, in gait,In diet, in affections of delight,In military rules, humours of blood,He was the mark and glass, copy and book,That fashiond others. . A monologue from the screenplay by Paddy Chayefsky. Cause she met another girl. My mom barely goes out. Are you auditioning for a comedy? Shell sit there watching Jeopardy and bad-mouth my dad. Who knows? How to destroy Ellaria Sand, the woman who murdered my only daughter. I guess Im feeling cold and unwelcoming. All of the monologues so far have been for young women and teenagers. And we go through the same routine every time. In a way, I put all my romanticism into that one night, and I was never able to feel all this again. Thy tyrannyTogether working with thy jealousies,Fancies too weak for boys, too green and idleFor girls of nine, O, think what they have doneAnd then run mad indeed, stark mad! He then utters this line before grabbing his groin, finishing off with a loud honking sound that had audiences in stitches. Youre selfish, do you know that? Most of the time, most days, I feel ..nothing. Lydiacame to talk to Betelgeuse and asked if hewas a ghost, to which the character replied, Im the ghost with the most, babe!" When I was little, my mother used to shake me awake in the middle of the night yelling, It was time to go.. If Id known you were going to make my dress as long as that Id rather have stayed thirteen. Dartmouth. Barbara then exclaims, "What's the good of being a ghost if you can't frighten people away? Whether people believe in ghosts or not, it's easy to believe that one of the perks of being one would be having the ability to scare people, or at the very least, communicate across the void. What are some famous movie monologues? I feel completely safe with you. Stop it! I thought about having him crush your daughters skull. Adam tells him he looks fine, to which the man responds, Thanks, Ive been feeling a little flat.. (Dolores touches his face, almost affectionate). Its that stage in development when a kid starts to trust her primary caretaker, to believe that he or she is there even if she cant see him. A monologue from the play by Tristine Skyler. It went on to become one of the best afterlife-themed films ever made. I like thinking about the red dress and the television and you and your father. No matter what I do I dont feel anything. Where criminality is confused with mental health? to safeguard thine own life,The best way is to venge my Gloucesters death. Youre good at it. Read the play here Folger| No Fear Shakespeare, Watch the movie 2010 (Helen Mirren)|2017 (Royal Shakespeare Company). The unspoken rule in my house was that my moms name was never mentioned after her death. I sit there and look at the website and imagine. I heard a thousand stories. Its away, right? I hope that, whoever you are, you escape this place. (A collective gasp.). Why have you made my dress so long, Mother? And I am no murderer. (Beat.) (pause) If wed had a house, Id never would have wanted to leave. I survived getting taunted by the N-word when I was in grade school. I couldve lived with a professor of Middle English, for example, if he was a moral man and had tenure at Princeton. Weiss. Therefore proceed. No, know Soranzo,I have a spirit doth as much distasteThe slavery of fearing thee, as thouDost loathe the memory of what hath passed. one of the best afterlife-themed films ever made, Michael Keaton As Batman & 9 Other Actors Who Should Return To An Old Role, 10 Best-Dressed Horror Movie Villains, Ranked, one of the funniest moments in any Tim Burton film to date, 8 Things To Know About The Unrealized Beetlejuice Sequel, Juno, one of Tim Burton's most underappreciated movie characters, Delia decided to completely redesign their new home, 10 Hilarious Beetlejuice Memes That'll Have You Cry-Laughing, Recasting The Characters Of Beetlejuice (If It Was Made Today). We have the talks. But to be honest I feel like the real opportunities are the ones that fall into your lap. All I can do is wait. She was always one step ahead of the landlord. Why didnt they ask me to marry them? Which means I married someone who lives in a world where, when a man comes to the edge of things, he has to commit to staying there and living there. Something thats unholy and evil. What, do you tremble? It was the first time Id got one over on them. Here, here, or here? . Beetlejuice : Dead. Electric blue. His fingers were cold where they touched-no, prodded-me. I had an experience I cant prove it, I cant even explain it, but everything that I know as a human being, everything that I am tells me that it was real! They couldnt keep the game going any longer. Then its name becomes clear. Shes still upset that somebody dropped a house on her sister,which is obviously a reference to theWizard of Oz. Beetlejuice is one of director Tim Burton's most memorable films and with the film's dark humor and dialogue, it's not hard to see why. Step into the streets without looking and the carriage merely stops or swerves; the only consequence an angry driver. But that morning, I knew that rule was about to be broken. (beat). And yetI honored thee, as the wise will deem, rightly.Never had I been a mother of children,or if a husband had been moldering in death,would I have taken this task upon me in the citys despite.What law, ye ask, is my warrant for that word?The husband lost, another might have been found,and child from another, to replace the first-born;but, father and mother hidden with Hades,no brothers life could ever bloom for me again.Such was the law whereby I held thee first in honor;but Creon deemed me guilty of error therein,and of outrage, ah brother mine!And now he leads me thus, a captive in his hands;no bridal bed, no bridal song hath been mine,no joy of marriage, no portion in the nurture of children; but thus, forlorn of friends, unhappy one, I go living to the vaults of death.And what law of Heaven have I transgressed?Why, hapless one, should I look to the gods anymorewhat ally should I invokewhen by pietyI have earned the name of impious? You can hear it, cant you? Id throw my things in a cardboard box and run outside in my pajamas in bare feet. Her trying to get me to run away with her, even though I was, um, scared, and . A monologue from the tv series written by David Benioff & D.B. An abortion, Michael. . That almost happened to me once, Mary. Then they performed the ritual to make us brave. Now, by my life,Old fools are babes again; and must be usedWith cheques as flatteries,when they are seen abused.Remember what I tell you. No books. And that robe disappeared. You know, I guess Ive been heart-broken too many times. Why did I fail? How its a living thing. None of the boys noticed how mulish and tall I was. And is that the America that this Court really wants to live in? It has a number of memorable lines, particularly from the ghost with the most himself, but one line in particular that stands out is from the eccentric Delia Deetz. Could great men thunderAs Jove himself does, Jove would neer be quiet,For every pelting, petty officerWould use his heaven for thunder;Nothing but thunder! Ah, you say that isnt true. Do you still spend your nights dozing over a textbook in that leather chair as if youre really there? Yes, I killed them. (Pause. I was there when this wonderful person drifted into this world, and I was there when she drifted out. What do you know? Men go out with me, we break up, and then they get married! Heclaims to know a lot about the supernatural, which he explains to Delia and Charles after they agreed to have Maxie Dean over to their house. Michelle is in a hospital gown, her hands are wrapped. I swear one night Im going to go out, and Im just not going to come home. Youll own it and the land forever. I just sat there holding Shelbys hand while the sounds got softer and the beeps got farther apart until all was quiet. Are you gross under there? I knew that I must die,Een hadst thou not proclaimed it; and if deathIs thereby hastened, I shall count it gain.For death is gain to him whose life, like mine,Is full of misery. I would have gladly given my life for you, but it wouldnt have helped. Do you know the campground is only twelve miles away from here? I like how wine continues to evolve, like if I opened a bottle of wine today it would taste different than if Id opened it on any other day, because a bottle of wine is actually alive. You know what? Home Monologues from Musicals From A Chorus Line to You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, we've got plenty of monologues from musicals to choose from! Everybody likes me. He picked you up. But I dont want to be talked to like some incurably sick patient you have to comfort. Worse, she had to contend with a football team that had seemingly died in a crash, thought Juno was their coach, and couldn't find the men's room. And, uh, manipulated me. And the wolf has no interest in your dreams. I think its safe to say that I have explored the full range of rage. Because this isnt a convention weekend with your secretary, is it? But Im done. You know the ones, the salad eaters. My siblings left the kitchen. Rodrigo is dear to me; I strive to lose him, and I lose him with regret, and hence my secret anxiety derives its origin. That should not be up to anyone else. And wait. (Pause. . PIeasures, farewell, and all ye thriftless minutesWherein false joys have spun a weary life.To these my fortunes now I take my leave.Thou, precious Time, that swiftly ridst in postOver the world, to finish up the raceOf my last fate, here stay thy restless course,And hear to ages that are yet unbornA wretched, woeful womans tragedy.My conscience now stands up against my lustWith depositions charactered in guilt,And tells me I am lost: now I confessBeauty that clothes the outside of the faceIs cursd if it be not clothed with grace.Here like a turtle (mewed up in a cage)Unmated, I converse with air and walls,And descant on my vile unhappiness.O Giovanni, that hast had the spoilOf thine own virtues and my modest fame,Would thou hadst been less subject to those starsThat luckless reigned at my nativity:O would the scourge due to my black offenceMight pass from thee, that I alone might feelThe torment of an uncontrolled flame.That man, that blessed friar,Who joined in ceremonial knot my handTo him whose wife I now am, told me oftI trod the path to death, and showed me how.But they who sleep in lethargies of lustHug their confusion, making Heaven unjust,And so did I.Forgive me, my good genius, and this onceBe helpful to my ends.

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